We recently shared a lot of information about our new game and got a significant media coverage worldwide!

We are working on a little round up of it for you – we will post it here shortly.
Thank you for your interest in OUTRIDERS!

Meanwhile, you can follow OUTRIDERS’ and PCF’S social channels for constant updates
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If you are looking for a general overview of our new project or answers to the most frequently asked questions, check out this article from official SQUARE ENIX site:

Should you wish to delve deeper into the world of OUTRIDERS, join Joshua Rubin (our Lead Writer) and Szymon Barchan (PCF’s Lead Narrative Level Designer) at PAXEAST2020 this weekend.

“Creating the Universe of #Outriders” panel will take place in Albatross Theater building on Saturday, at 12:30 PM EST.

Can’t make it to Boston? 😉 Watch the panel here: Twitch.tv/pax2

You can pre-order OUTRIDERS at:

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OUTRIDERS is People Can Fly’s third game in a row featured on the cover of the iconic Game Informer magazine!

Game Informer is one of the largest gaming magazines in the world. Making it to its front cover is a great honor for a game developer.

And it’s the third time in a row that this honor belongs to People Can Fly!

Our upcoming title – OUTRIDERS – is being featured on the cover of the latest issue.

Please check GI’s exclusive look at our new project here:


Before OUTRIDERS (releasing Holiday 2020), Game Informer featured PCF’s BULLETSTORM and GEARS OF WAR: JUDGMENT on its front covers.

See OUTRIDERS official website for more news and updates: