This year we are playing and helping with WOŚP, The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

We are adding “One day at PCF” to the list of WOŚP’s famous charity auctions.

The highest bidder will have a unique opportunity to visit us in our new Warsaw HQ (April 2020), get behind-the-scenes of AAA titles and meet our awesome PCF team!

The auction is open until January 31st and you can find it under this link:

Help those who need it and get to know some best kept secrets of the gamedev industry.

You will find more information on The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity here:

Motion capture artists from People Can Fly studio in Rzeszow

For more than a year now PCF’s internal mocap studio has been supporting our animation workflow.

It’s based on Vicon system and Vicon Shogun software, sixteen Vero 2.2 cameras cover 80 square meters of capture space. We regularly produce top quality mocap data that needs minimum or zero cleaning before it goes into our animators’ hands.

We captured our motion capture team at work!

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