We are excited to announce the expansion of Green Hell VR to the Meta Quest + subscription service! This challenging jungle survival adventure, launched on Meta Quest 2 in April 2022, can now be enjoyed by even more virtual reality players on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3. “The decision to bring Green Hell VR to the Meta Quest+ service was easy,” says Incuvo’s CEO Andrzej Wychowaniec. “Not only will more players experience the game, but with the addition of co-op’s release in Q4, they’ll be able to play together.”

While we are excited to bring Green Hell VR to new players through Meta Quest +, they are aware that many existing fans are waiting for an update about co-op gameplay on their favorite systems. Today, we are pleased to confirm that co-op multiplayer is coming to Green Hell VR on PSVR2, Meta Quest 2, and Meta Quest 3 in Q4 2024!

About Green Hell VR
Become Jake Higgins, a famous anthropologist lost in the Amazon jungle. Surrounded by various dangers and equipped only with his watch, backpack and handy survival guide, he must endure and return to civilization. Take on the thrilling challenge and see how long you can last in the green hell of the rainforest. Craft various tools and weapons to fight against predators, chop down trees, heal yourself or catch fish in the treacherous river. Build a shelter, grab a bow and prepare to survive – we wish you the best of luck. You’ll certainly need it!
Developed by Incuvo, Green Hell VR is based on the critically acclaimed survival title Green Hell, released by Creepy Jar in 2018 on PC, and in 2021 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Green Hell has thrilled many brave players, selling 5 million copies across all these platforms to date.

About Incuvo S.A.
Incuvo S.A., founded in 2012, is a VR game studio based in Katowice, Poland. Incuvo has established its position by creating such titles as Layers of Fear VR, Blair Witch VR, and Green Hell VR. More information on Incuvo can be found at https://incuvo.com/