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Established in 2002, People Can Fly, is known for recent titles such as Bulletstorm: Full Clip (launched on April 7, 2017) , Gears of War: Judgment (published in 2013)

and Bulletstorm (an original, Unreal Engine 3-powered onslaught of ‘kill with skill’ gameplay and blockbuster moments published in 2011.)

The studio made its mark on the shooter genre with its award-winning Painkiller series of games for PC and Xbox prior to

shipping Epic’s Gears of War for PC. People Can Fly is currently working on its new game – OutridersAAA shooter, new IP.

Bulletstorm Full Clip

Bulletstorm Full Clip

Gears of War: Judgment

Gears of War: Judgment

Co-Developed by People Can Fly


Developed and IP owned by People Can Fly
Available on: PC / PS3 / XBOX360


Developed by People Can Fly

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