Green Hell VR Spirits of Amazonia Part 1: Now Available

Incuvo and People Can Fly have proudly revealed that Green Hell VR, on PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3, has just doubled its map size with the new free expansion – Spirits of Amazonia Part 1. This update is available now to everyone who owns the original Green Hell VR on given platforms. Before you dive back into this dangerous jungle, enjoy the expansion launch trailer, which sums up all the things that await you. 

Green Hell VR Spirits of Amazonia is planned as a trilogy, and will come to both PSVR2 and Meta Quest 2. Check our store links to get more info about these versions:

PS Store | Meta Quest Store


About Spirits of Amazonia Part 1

In this story expansion, you will experience a new adventure that serves as a prequel to the main story of Green Hell VR. 

Once again, step into the shoes of Jake Higgins and do your best to gain the trust of the Mu’agi tribe and the chief of an indigenous Amazonian village. To do this, you must complete missions based on local legends, help tribe members, and provide supplies for the village. All of this, of course, is tailored specifically for VR.

The Spirits of Amazonia Part 1 story will take 10-15 hours to complete, bringing many new activities. Moreover, the expansion will let you enjoy a new map, with the entire area comparable in size to the zone already known inside Green Hell VR.