Happy & Healthy New Year! 

Following the decision of our publisher, Square Enix, we are announcing new OUTRIDERS’ launch date. Our game will premiere on April 1st, 2021. And it’s not a joke. 

That’s due to the plan to release OUTRIDERS’ demo before the full game is out. 

Free demo will be available for you starting February 25th, 2021. 

It will give everyone the chance to play the first few hours of the game with all four classes – in both single player and co-op – along with seamless migration of the players’ character and progress to the full game.

We believe it’s important that our community will get to know a new IP like Outriders before release, so they can decide for themselves whether the game is something they wish to pre-order, purchase or play. 

We support Square’s decision as we feel it’s in line with what’s going on in the industry right now, with players’ expectations and PCF’s core values” – said Sebastian Wojciechowski, People Can Fly’s CEO. 

“We will, of course, use additional time to fine tune OUTRIDERS as we want to deliver the most complete experience to the players around the world when the game finally hits stores and online dashboards.” – added Wojciechowski. 

Stay tuned for more updates. 

Thanks for hanging tight a little longer – we appreciate your patience!

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