Recharging Our Batteries By The River Vistula

July seems quite capricious this year, as the weather can’t decide what time of the year it is. But even if there’s a bit of rain falling down from the sky, it won’t stop us from having a great PCF party! And such a party took place on July 12th. We’re working super hard on delivering the best People Can Fly experience to our fans. And to do so, we need to recharge our creative batteries from time to time. We’ve arranged a tasty barbeque by the river Vistula at a lovely place called “MIEJSCE”. Some of us ate to their heart’s content, some of us danced till the end of the night.

We also had an extraordinary opportunity to do some good in this world. We’ve stumbled upon some boat sailing volunteers who were raising funds for Beniamin, and we didn’t hesitate to support his cause!

Some people say that all good things come to a quick end and we need to go back to our job. Wait? Did I say job? Parties are only a part of the PCF life, but with such a crazy team, every day at the office is like an adventure. So, does the party ever truly end in our case? Nah. Now it’s time to get back to the planet Enoch for us!