Paintball on Świder river – People Can Fly integration party

What better way to help people bond than a party? From 7-9 September 2018, the entire team travelled to beautiful Otwock,  near Warsaw, in order to spend some quality time together. This was a great opportunity for the new and old studio members alike to get to know each other better.

Despite everyone’s strong passion for work and their love for games, we know that physical activity is as a key part of the team’s wellbeing. We decided our trip would achieve team-building and fitness goals by having a survival theme.

Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river

The weather was beautiful as we set off at noon on Friday. Straight after lunch at the hotel, we headed to the magnificent Świder River to face the challenge of the rapids! There was a mixture of fun and fear, especially for those who were kayaking for the first time. The river was kind to us on the day, giving us a thrilling yet safe experience on the water.

The team were great, keeping to all safety requirements and showcasing their masterful teamwork abilities. It’s no wonder that the team can create such amazing virtual worlds by working together, as they’d shown in a completely new context.

It was then time to party – after spending time drying off first! The bowling alley was our next destination, for bowling is an excellent activity to foster support and encourage success. Everyone had a wonderful time, whether they were proficient at bowling or not! Win or lose, the time spent in good company was the real success to be found here.

Boom! Headshot!

We love shooters. But you probably already know that because you’ve played our games. We made Bulletstorm: Full Clip after all!

So what better entertainment could there be for first-person shooter masters than paintball? Divided into teams, the mission objective was to collect as many colourful “frags” as possible while avoiding getting shot by the opposing teams! The whole afternoon was spent dodging paintballs and exploring themed buildings in the forest arena. We won’t reveal who won, because for us, what counts the most is healthy competition. But in the People Can Fly team, everyone is a winner.

Rock On, Rock Out

In the evening, it was finally time to sit in front of a screen again. But this time, the keyboard and mouse had been replaced by guitars and drums! We fulfilled some childhood dreams of becoming a rock star as we jammed to Rock Band. We unearthed some hidden singing talents among the developers!

Rock Band is practically a must-have during every gamer meeting, so we couldn’t miss it during our integration as well.

Going back home

We were sad and happy at the same time when the weekend came to a close. We made some fond memories, and the skills learnt and developed will be taken back with us to the studio as we continue to work on providing world-class games with a world-class team. Whether it is paintballing or kayaking, coding or designing, we can be motivated and able to achieve the very best results.