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Experience level: Intermediate to Advanced


Summer Recruitment Campaign IS ON!

Even though the summer is at its peak, with striking temperatures and our minds full of vacation-related stuff, we are not slowing down. Not even a bit! We are setting our radars and turning on the Summer Recruitment Campaign with aim to find BLOODY gifted people that will join our happy and dynamically growing family.

With our first shot, we are looking for some talented Producers to join our squad of Aviators on their way to deliver AAAwesome games!

Do you have experience in a production role? Are you passionate about action games, just like us? Could you describe yourself as a goal-oriented person, who can easily juggle multiple projects and various tasks at the same time? Do you consider yourself to have excellent communication skills?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all of the questions above, then you should definitely check open job positions for Producer roles in our studios around the globe!

Brutal? Yes, brutal to every obstacle that stands in the way to success, but not brutal for team members – one of PCF’s pillars is teamwork, and we believe that collectivity is the thing that makes game production so unique and special.

Destroyer? Only to dullness! If you can push tasks forward and think creatively on how to make various processes better and easy-going, you fit the production team perfectly.

Enemy of chaos? We value the structured workflows and bringing order to our work. High level of organizational performance is crucial, especially when we are working on huge and challenging projects.

If the production is not your field of interest, but you wish to spread your wings in the gamedev industry with us – check other job positions at our Career website and join #PCFcrew.