Christmas Party at the People Can Fly family

The year is coming to an end. Soon, we’ll be home after 12 months of battling game code. Our victory in battle doesn’t mean the war has ended, but we deserve this moment’s rest.

All three studios – in Warsaw, Rzeszów and Newcastle, met with their respective team members for our Christmas party, to eat, drink and celebrate. We are like a band of brothers, soldiers on the battlefield; a team working to achieve the same goal. Our Christmas party was an evening of unfettered madness.

No Christmas trees suffered in the process but a few baubles broke, that’s for sure. It’s this quality time spent together that transcends into the quality of games we make, which gives us the desire to continue doing what we’re doing. That’s our jam: always loud, often crazy, but above all – in tune. Arm in arm, we’ll continue to fight until the very end.

We’re a studio that embodies the spirit of punk – and we’re on the map of the games industry like never before. We’re not a corporation; we’re all family and friends.

See for yourself how our Christmas party went and we hope that for our next Christmas Party we’ll be able to gather our huge team in one place.