Rzeszów is the largest city in southeastern Poland and one of the country’s most dynamically growing metropolises with a lot of new investments and high standard of living.

High education schools, airport, hi-tech companies’ ecosystem and the region’s heritage combined with its natural beauty make Rzeszów a perfect location for a gamedev studio.  

Our team in Rzeszów is a 40+ group of highly experienced, well-integrated AAA devs who are supporting PCF’s pipelines in many different aspects.

PCF’s Rzeszów internal mocap studio has been a pillar of the People Can Fly’s animation workflow for several years now. It’s based on Vicon system and Vicon Shogun software, sixteen Vero 2.2 cameras cover 80 square meters of capture space.

It regularly produces top quality mocap data that needs minimum or zero cleaning before it goes into our animators’ hands all over the world.

With competitive salaries, performance – based bonuses and a wide range of benefits our Rzeszów studio is just a great place to be.

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