Lighting Artist

People Can Fly is looking for a Lighting Artist.

This person will be responsible for:

Creating compelling lighting that set up mood, tells story, and makes coherent world

Assistance for level designers with lighting support to achieve their goals

Design and deliver light objects and IES textures

Creating dynamic lighting that brings life to environment

Collaborate with FX department to create atmospheric, 3D scenes with use of right color palette and other meaningful artistic choices

Creating high-end lighting for cut-scenes

Innovating new techniques for next-gen hardware and work with engineers to expand the required tool-set

Analyzing the scene for performance issues, ensure all lights are as optimal as possible

Working with the Tech/Engine department to fix technical lighting issues


A critical eye for environment depth from lighting point of view

Experience with a variety of techniques and tools that helps to achieve lighting goals

An understanding of performance of current console generation

Ability to create all content needed for lighting (textures, IES, HDR maps, materials, scripts, etc.)

Ability to work with artists, designers, and programmers to work through artistic and technical challenges

Experience with generating light-maps, baked lighting

Follow Unreal Engine technical news

High work ethic and self motivated

Passion for games

Preference to applicants with

At least 2 years of video game industry experience in a related position

Experience working with Unreal Engine is a plus

Shipped-title experience


English and/or Polish language skills (everyone in our studio speaks English, but Polish language skills are a plus)