Senior Technical Artist

People Can Fly is looking for a Senior Technical Artist. You should have a combination of strong creative/visual aesthetics and technical knowledge (the job is roughly a 50/50 split in these areas).  You should also be experienced in every aspect of the content creation pipeline, as well as be able to think outside the box to come up with techniques that work better or faster. Your goal will be to attack the more complex issues, and to help the other artists with technical hurdles they might be having.



Material Creation. Making materials for characters, environment assets, effects etc, anything that is overly complex or technical

Level Work. Often the TA does a pass on a level where fog, lighting, color grading and fx are tweaked and new features are added

Optimization. Use diagnostic tools to examine the current content and identify areas for improvement.

Tools Development. Work with programmers on developing new features. Mock up features in external programs or tweak shader code, give feedback to programmers, and experiment with features as they add them.

Content creation. Sometimes new art assets are required to be tweaked so modeling and texturing skills are helpful



Extensive experience working the Unreal Engine especially with Blueprints, Material editor, and Matine

Advanced Maya knowledge

Experience in all aspects of creating a game content

Experience with various software packages including Photoshop, Zbrush/Mudbox

Max Scripting and HLSL or shader programming experience is a plus

Scripting and plug-in writing skills with Maya plus Python or C++ is a plus


English and/or Polish language skills (everyone in our studio speaks English, but Polish language skills are a plus)