Bulletstorm VR Unveils Two New Exclusive Levels Featuring Elite Assassin Trishka Novak Coming to VR Platforms

Put on those ass-kicking boots today because People Can Fly just released a trailer at the UploadVR Showcase, which showcased two new exclusive levels featuring the elite badass space mercenary Trishka Novak as a new playable character coming exclusively to Bulletstorm VR. Available January 18 on PlayStation®VR2Meta Quest 2, 3 & Pro, and Steam VR, Bulletstorm VR is a reimagining of the dynamically brutal sci-fi first-person shooter Bulletstorm (originally released in 2011), built from the ground up for Virtual Reality platforms.

Crash-land onto an abandoned resort planet and watch the latest trailer for Bulletstorm VR: https://youtu.be/4Q_0cW863LI?si=NDbmH_pricbZfyrs

Bulletstorm VR puts players in the battle-hardened boots of an elite badass mercenary as they fight everything from crazy raiders to colossal sky-scraper-sized beasts with an extended (and explosive) sci-fi arsenal. The game expands on this chaos by introducing content not seen in the original game, including new levels that feature Trishka Novak as a newly playable badass babe on the hunt to send her father’s killer back to hell. Trishka wields a new Energy Blades weapon that can decapitate and dismember enemies.

Please visit the press kit (here) for additional assets, such as screenshots and videos.

Bulletstorm VR is available to pre-order on PlayStation®VR2Meta Quest 2, 3 & Pro with a 10% preorder discount for a limited time with wishlists open on Steam VR.

Green Hell VR: Co-op Mode Presented During The Upload VR Showcase

The time has come for the long-awaited Green Hell VR co-op mode to be officially presented during the Upload VR Showcase – Winter 2023! With the announcement, the devs from Incuvo and People Can Fly gave us an official comment:


“Since the premiere of Green Hell VR on Meta Quest and PSVR2, players have sent us tons of feedback about preferred routes for expanding our game. It’s no secret that co-op mode was always at the top spot. To give something back to our amazing community for the never-ending support, we are actively working on the co-op mode and adding it as soon as possible. Our plan is to launch up to 4 player co-op mode in 2024. It will allow you to go through both story and survival mode with other players online. Naturally, such a complex update requires a lot of time for proper implementation, so we ask you for some extra trust and patience with the final date announcement!”


So it is! Co-op mode will be added to Green Hell VR on PSVR2 Meta Quest 2&3 next year! As a part of the Upload VR Showcase, Incuvo released footage teasing how the new add-on currently looks. We warmly invite you to watch it and let us know what your thoughts are:


The co-op mode is not the only new thing prepared by Incuvo for owners of Green Hell VR on PSVR2 and Meta Quest 2 & 3. Just a couple of days ago, on 30th November, we received a free update, which doubled the size of the map from the original game. Spirits of Amazonia Part 1 also received a launch trailer. If you haven’t seen it yet, there is nowhere else you should look now:



About Spirits of Amazonia Part 1

In this story expansion, you will experience a new adventure that serves as a prequel to the main story of Green Hell VR.

Once again, step into the shoes of Jake Higgins as you do your best to gain the trust of the Mu’agi tribe and the Chief of an indigenous Amazonian village. To do this, you must complete missions based on local legends, help tribe members, and provide supplies for the village. All of this, of course, is tailored specifically for VR.

Spirits of Amazonia Part 1 story will take 10-15 hours to complete, bringing many new activities. Moreover, the expansion will let you enjoy a new map, with the entire area comparable in size to the current zone known in Green Hell VR.


About Green Hell VR

Become Jake Higgins, a famous anthropologist lost in the Amazon jungle. Surrounded by various dangers and equipped only with his watch, backpack and handy survival guide, he must endure and return to civilization. Take on the thrilling challenge and see how long you can last in the green hell of the rainforest. Craft various tools and weapons to fight against predators, chop down trees, heal yourself or catch fish in the treacherous river. Build a shelter, grab a bow and prepare to survive – we wish you the best of luck. You’ll certainly need it!

Developed by Incuvo, Green Hell VR is based on the critically acclaimed survival title Green Hell, released by Creepy Jar in 2018 on PC, and in 2021 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Green Hell has thrilled many brave players, selling 5 million copies across all these platforms to date.

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