Technical Designer

People Can Fly is looking for a Technical Designer. This person will be responsible for creating player’s interaction with the world and enemies. It will be your responsibility to iterate on mechanics you introduce into the game and cooperate with animation, sound, GFX and programming departments to make sure those mechanics are fun and engaging while representing highest visual and audio quality. You will have a full ownership of a produced feature – from the concept and paper design, through the prototyping phase, scripting, iteration, debugging, optimization – until the game is shipped.



Experience in game design – both practice and theory (paper design and implementation

Experience with visual scripting systems or other experience with programming and scripting languages

3+ Years of professional game design/scripting experience

At least one successful shipped game on PC or console

Ability to work well within a team, good communication skills

Ability to prioritize and deliver best quality work under tight schedule

Ability to process, understand and implement feedback

High work ethic and self motivated

Passion for Games


Preference to applicants with

UE4 knowledge

Passion for first person/third person shooters




Senior VFX Artist

People Can Fly is looking for a Senior VFX Artist.


This person will be responsible for:

Creating ambient environment effects that enhance mood, tell a story, and make the world feel alive

Working with the designers to create effects for scripted events and story moments

Creating gameplay effects that make the world feel exciting, and that give the player necessary gameplay feedback

Working with the lighting department to create atmosphere, a sense of depth in the scene, and to reinforce the color palette.

Creating high-fidelity effects for cinematics and marketing material

Innovating new techniques for next-gen hardware, and work with the engineers to expand the vfx toolset

Analyzing the scene for performance issues, and ensure all effects are built in the most efficient way possible

Using every tool at your disposal to create effects for the game (traditional particles, pixel shaders and vertex shaders for animated materials, baked physics simulations, stock animation, etc.)



A critical eye for the timing, animation, and motion of real world objects and visual effects

Experience with a variety of techniques and tools for creating vfx animation (standard particle systems, fluid sims, physics sims, etc.)

An understanding of the constraints of real-time vfx is critical.

Experience creating pixel and vertex shaders

Ability to create all source art needed for vfx (textures, geometry, flipbooks, normal maps, vector field textures,  etc.)

Desire and knowledge of how to push our effects and editing tools further

Ability to collaborate with Artists, Designers, and Programmers to work through artistic and technical challenges.

Ability to think outside the box to come up with more efficient techniques

High work ethic and self motivated

Passion for Games


Preference to applicants with

At least 4 years of video game industry experience in a related position

Experience working with Unreal Engine is a plus

HLSL shader creation experience is a plus

Texturing, modeling, skinning, animation, or lighting experience is a plus

Shipped-title experience



English language skills